Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Love is in the air

The birds at Coneysthorpe are going crazy, so spring and LOVE must be in the air. At great risk to life and feather, our welcome swallow was collecting twigs on our long driveway and doing a bit of sunbathing as well. She obviously hadn't seen our cats rolling around enjoying the sunshine at the opposite end

Many of the native trees are producing flowers, which I'm still trying to identify,

Thankfully, the plant which arrived as a gift with two lovely friends who visited this week is easily recognisable. I love cyclamen, and will probably plant it in the garden, in the hope that it spreads and multiplies

Wishing you a flower filled week, wherever you are.


  1. That's a magnificent specimen of a cyclamen!

  2. The flowering tree is Tibouchina. I love them; but not a native, sorry!

    1. Thanks Julian a horti friend in Australia told me that too. I think it must have snuck onto the property, because the previous owner tried to plant only natives. It should have shown its ID before moving in!