Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hen sitting

After concluding a very pleasurable week of being Aunty Hen to an unruly mob of clucking youngsters and three stroppy laying madams, I now find I am missing them. In a note to me from her holidays, their owner commented "I see hens in your future". Not sure which crystal ball she was using, but she may be right. Here are the beauties who over a period of 5 days, swore at me, clucked sweet nothings, and projected most emotions in between.

Stalking Pork

Our Post Office owns a pig. It's not a full Post Office, more a dairy with a sub-post office inside. For non-Kiwis, a dairy is like a corner shop, only this one isn't on a corner it is right on the main highway heading north. Anyway, I digress. A few weeks ago, when I was throwing a letter in the letter box, I noticed a rustling of grass next to the box. Snuffling in the knee high grass was a pig. I didn't have time to introduce myself, but the next time I saw our Post Mistress I asked about him. "Is he yours?" to which she replied he was. I automatically thought he was being fed up for a Hangi, but no, the Post Mistress was horrified. "No no, he's a pet pig. He's called Hinu. He's my baby." The said "baby" is the size of our chest of drawers and has a head worthy of a Medieval banquet. I reckon there is 70kgs of bacon rashers on that smiley boy.

I hadn't seen him for a while so enquired about his health. Turns out he had been on romantic stud duties before New Year, and had returned a very Happy Boy, content to rustle around in the long grass and occasionally beg for ice cream from customers.

It makes posting letters a bit of an adventure, as I never know if he is going to stroll out near the fence and give me a cheeky wink.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Chicken wrangling

I am chicken sitting for our neighbouring farm. They have about a dozen free range girls who are very amusing. This morning I got a royal telling off by one madam who had to be man handled off her eggs in the chicken house. She swore and cursed at me, and the girls clucking around my feet just seem to be laughing at me being sworn at. Very undignified for both of us. The cow in the paddock just rolled her eyes.

Walking back from disgruntled chicken, I found a birds nest on the floor, which had fallen out of a very tall macrocarpa. It was woven with wool from the sheep in the same field.

And on the road away from the farm I got a few more raindrop photos.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Wet walking

I am amazed how nature captures water. Even the smallest amount can mean the difference between growth and death.

Here are a few photos from my walk this morning along our road,

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The mystery of the post box in the night

Someone in our neighbourhood has a real sense of humour. I tied a length of red tinsel around our post box at the beginning of December. It is actually quite helpful to direct visitors this way, as there are a several driveways close together, and it is easy for people who haven't been to our house before to go shooting through the wrong gate.

A few days after I had put the tinsel around the box, some very pretty tinsel appeared around the post, followed by three decorative cats, and this morning by a flashing star! Also, some very nice magazines also started to be deposited. No note, no name. But it has caused wide speculation, which has included COAs (Christmas Obsessed Aliens).

So here is the Posties Progress:

Meanwhile, creatures are waking from their slumber. Humphrey hedgehog was found yawning under the Empress tree. I put him under the flax so he had a few more bugs to snack on, after all, it is almost Christmas.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Wild hairy beasties

I have been suffering a bit with cabin fever. Not well enough to do anything, and feeling lethargic and worn out all the time. This evening I forced myself to walk a few hundred yards up our road. There have been some Highland calves born recently and they are growing so fast, I really wanted a picture before they became massive hairy beasties.

This one wasn't quite sure. She got up to say hello and fluttered her eyelashes (actually it was probably the wind blowing them) - it's been cutting a breeze most of the day.

The hedgerows are being allowed to grow as nature intended, wild and grassy and colourful, so I didn't feel too bad about picking a few samples on the way home. Clover reminds me of my childhood in Yorkshire. There was always a profusion of it near the cricket field on the way to my infant school. I was generally found clutching a bunch of it in the cloakrooms when I started to school day. The teacher had a number of recepticles for these well meaning gifts.

And finally, I checked on our other ginger beast when I got home. Both the gingers have strayed no further than their biscuit bowls today, taking themselves back to bed and away from the noisy and warm wind, which they really object to!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Mademoiselle Clerk de Works

She is everywhere, like a rash. She can't let me sew or type without some kind of comment or interruption.

Another friend has a daughter recovering from quite major surgery, so I'm busy with another doll. It must be terrible to be seriously ill at this time of year. Everyone around is being jolly, and those close to you are trying hard not to let you feel left out, but actually you are, because you feel horrid.

Well, Cumin and I are going to get busy and like a S. Hemisphere "elf" provide some more Christmas cheer, hopefully.