Sunday, 7 September 2014

Feathers at dawn

This morning I drove my husband to the railway station before 7am. There is only one train a day to the city, so you have to get there on time, or no worky!

Where we live, there is a fast running stream with a good solid over-bridge. This morning as we approached the bridge (newly painted), I was reminded of a comment I made to the council workers who refreshed the white paint work a few weeks ago. I had slowed down as I approached the bridge, wound down the window and said to the painter "Beware of the killer ducks". He laughed - I was serious!

This morning in the middle of the bridge there was a stand-off between one of the white ducks and a pheasant, who wasn't sure whether to run or take on the indignant mass of fluffed up white feathers guarding its territory. We had to edge slowly forward, as neither side looked like it was going to back down. Fortunately, there was just enough room to drive between them. Looking in the rear view mirror seconds later I could see this argument was continuing and showed no sign of being over soon.

The things you see!

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