Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tui in the Kowhai, and a conversation

Yesterday, early morning I ran across the lawn in my slippers (they got wet) and my dressing gown (also soggy) to take a photo of this chap. I had to use the 48 x zoom, hence it's not a Pulitzer winning shot. The reason the shot is special though, is nothing to do with the photo, it is to do with what happened as I was taking it. I heard a soft and croaky little miaow at my feet. There was my Ruppin, trying very hard to talk. I was so excited. He doesn't do this - even to hear him purr is rare. So I'm hoping aged nearly 3 that he is finally learning to chatter. I can't shut up our elderly cat, who is all conversation.

Poor lad is a late bloomer!

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