Sunday, 3 August 2014

taking stock

We have been at Coneysthorpe now for almost 8 months. The days and weeks have been marked by the waves of visitors - one of the reasons we so wanted to live here, to share the peace and the beauty with others.

Last weekend we had three friends from the Russian Far East visiting. They live close to our old home, but hadn't seen the new place. They turned up with my favourite S. African flower, not realising what memories this wonderful plant has for me of my days living in S. Africa.

There are hints of spring's imminent arrival everywhere. Our new neighbour has baby Highland calves darting around his field and another neighbour has lambs - thank goodness we don't have snow at this part of the mountain range. I'm not sure how they dealt with the below zero frosts though.

New lichen is growing on the trees and in the shady banks of the road. I commented to my husband that we would need to keep reindeer very soon to keep it at bay. I earned a "look" for that suggestion.

And finally, we have frequently commented on the similarity of our local landscape and weather patterns with the Scottish Highlands; having hairy coos in the paddock completes the illusion. On the way back from a short walk this afternoon I found these beauties.

All we need now are a few rabid haggis and tuneful bagpipes, and the vision will be complete.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! I can't even imagine what it would be like to have all that in camera range of my home... You really are lucky!

    1. I completely agree! We believe we have been given a gift to share with others, Er hint hint!