Friday, 15 August 2014

Serendipitous encounter of the bling kind

One of the regular "activities" in the office / sofa / back bedroom / kitchen table at Coneysthorpe is much tinkering with and sorting of vintage jewellery (not belonging to me, I must hasten to add). There is a long back story to this which involves five friends fund raising for causes close to their heart. And the chief ingredient for the fund raising is pre-loved jewellery.

Skipping over 9 years of stalls, and jumping to the present, I recently had a very serendipitous "meeting" with a lady of like mind via a local internet trade site. I had been hovering and deliberating whether to buy a bracelet from this trader (for my own use). When I finally took the plunge, I was so delighted with my purchase, I dropped the seller a note, with a "by the way, I also sell jewellery, but for charity". I discovered that she was a collector and trader of jewellery and so we chatted. She then mentioned that she had launched a website for her passion and asked if I would like to write a few paragraphs about what my group did with jewellery. What a nice thing to offer.

Can I recommend that any of you who have an interest in vintage jewellery, check out the following site some time. It is quite new, so there will be new additions on a regular basis.

Now, I must get back to the baubles, bangles and beads, I have a stall to organise for tomorrow.

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