Sunday, 17 August 2014

It's the little things

Yesterday I met some lovely people at the market in Ohau. One lady was selling eggs from her chooks. When I asked her what breed they were, she replied that they were a rag tag and bobtail lot, but look at these gorgeous eggs. Just shows you don't need to have a long pedigree to have gorgeous "offspring"

Oh and for anyone who is interested, I sold twelve (!) vintage brooches, 5 to one lady. She bought one each for the carers who worked for her at a local residential care home. I was totally blown away by this, and one of the stall holders said she would bring me some jewellery next month for me to sell. I love small town New Zealand!

This morning, I tackled yet another bit of garden with aspirations to wilderness. I noticed a pittosporum had decided to strangle several branches of the cherry tree from next door's driveway. It gave me great pleasure in pruning the murderous beast (don't get me started on pittosporum. I loath this tree as much as I loathe barstools!)

Here is a brave blossom that somehow had managed to bloom amongst the wrestling and arborial punch-ups in the borders.

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