Saturday, 9 August 2014

Run rabbit run

I have set myself a challenge for the spring; get a good bunny photo and pheasant photo. They are quite prolific in our area, and I have just chased Mr Cottontail unsuccessfully across our paddock. I had no chance running in house slippers and leaping over felled tree branches!

The pheasant is equally as illusive. I may have to employ my great aunt Bett's tactics - scattering corn. But then we may have a rat issue to deal with, and our tabby cat seems to be temporarily on a "go slow" in that department. I'm not sure whether to be concerned or relieved.

So, when you see a bunny or pheasant photo gracing this blog, you can be sure I am doing a jiggety jig somewhere and pouring myself a glass of wine in celebration.

Now, back to more mundane things, the beef and mushroom pie in the oven. The photos were taken a few minutes ago through the window above my oven. I do get a bit distracted, especially when it is a full moon.

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