Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nectar of the gods.

There are some events / things / smells from my youth that endure in my brain in a mega pixel, full throttle, hi-fidelity / 3D kind of way. One of them is the memory of eating a LOT of digestive biscuits during my finals at University. Essays on Pope, Dryden, Chinua Achebe and phonetics were usually adorned by the crumbs of the previous night's consumption. At least the addiction was legal.

I live in a country that doesn't make Digestive biscuits right. They are full of cheap and horrible ingredients and leave the alarming sensation in the mouth that I imagine would be left after eating horse oats.

Facebook provided me with a link to a blog which was advertising a recipe for chocolate digestives. Who could resist? I made them sans chocolate (I don't eat chocolate much these days), eh voila, the memories of thirty years ago came thundering back.

They look boring, but take my word for it, my tastebuds were translated.


  1. yummy... I adore digestive biscuits and love the choccie version.Our local supermarket is waiting for its next UK food delivery.... I've resorted to custard creams :-D

  2. They look gorgeous! Enlighten this American: what is the meaning and point of "digestive biscuits"? The name hints at something healthy... but are they really just another delightful way to put on a few kilos? (Even if the latter is the answer, I do wish I could reach into the photo and grab one for a little nibble. B'tayavon!)

    1. I think the "digestive" part may be because they were often the vehicle for cheese at the end of a meal. Either that or because they have bicarbonate of soda in them. Who cares eh? They are scrummy. If you would like the recipe, I can email it to you.