Saturday, 8 March 2014

Back from the Big Smoke

I am not a fan of cities, large or small. We are both back at Coneysthorpe after 4 days in Auckland. It was fantastic to see friends, but frankly, we both breathed a BIG sigh of relief as soon as we got back to our little piece of heaven in the Horowhenua. The cats were happy to see us, and the house had been lovingly cared for by our Dutch friends. There was even a pot of home made soup in the fridge to welcome us home.

We are so blessed in our friends. Thanks Lexie, Suzie, Kirsten, Elizabeth and Hans. And here is a view of the place that welcomed back home.

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  1. Oh, welcome home! And how very welcoming it looks!
    (psst - this looks like a perfect post to link to WWDD today)