Monday, 5 December 2016

A creating kind of day

A dear friend of ours is navigating the very difficult situation of having a very seriously ill grand-daughter. This child is in a well known Children's hospital in NZ and undergoing gruelling treatment for her illness. Her parents live in a completely different part of NZ, which has involved one parent "commuting" (a one hour flight) and my friend and her husband taking alternate weekends to be with the mother who has full care of her sick daughter during the week. An exhausting and stressful time by any measure.

A few mornings ago, I thought I would make this little girl a gift. She is a Russian ethnically, so I had the greatest pleasure making her this doll. Underneath her apron are buttons in the shape of a cat, two fruit pies and a sewing machine. I am sure that her mother will be able to make up stories about the doll, no problem at all.

Then this afternoon, I stumbled across the jar of fruit mince I'd asked my husband to purchase a few weeks ago. Mince tarts are cooking in the oven as I type this.

And finally, an entry to the "Cloud Appreciation Society" I think. White elephants were seen flying over our home this afternoon. And those of you who know my love of charity shop bargains, will appreciate how appropriate this cloud is.

No naughty comments please about "where were the pink elephants?"

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  1. Here's wishing your friend's granddaughter a very speedy and complete recovery! And I love that perfect elephant :)