Friday, 16 December 2016


As predictable as Christmas, I go down with something prior to the holiday. This time it is a stonking cold. As I didn't want my colleagues to be blessed I've stayed away from work for 2 days, most of which has been spent in bed feeling suitably sorry for myself. But today is sunny so in the interest of absorbing Vitamin D I have parked myself on the verandah.

Earlier there was quite a racket in the paddock, which I think was our local pheasant giving the cows a shouting at. If they get in the way of his usual perambulations, there is a lot of shouting and flapping of wings and general abuse hurled at the highland girls. Bonnie is either not too worried or deaf.

And when I went to collect our rubbish bins from the gate earlier, I see that our neighbour is having his newly purchased house tweaked before being lowered onto the foundation.

Never a dull moment even when you are coughing like an antipodean walrus.

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  1. Whoa! That house in progress is super cool - so glad you got a picture! Sorry you're still under the weather, though - please start feeling better soon!