Monday, 19 December 2016

Wild hairy beasties

I have been suffering a bit with cabin fever. Not well enough to do anything, and feeling lethargic and worn out all the time. This evening I forced myself to walk a few hundred yards up our road. There have been some Highland calves born recently and they are growing so fast, I really wanted a picture before they became massive hairy beasties.

This one wasn't quite sure. She got up to say hello and fluttered her eyelashes (actually it was probably the wind blowing them) - it's been cutting a breeze most of the day.

The hedgerows are being allowed to grow as nature intended, wild and grassy and colourful, so I didn't feel too bad about picking a few samples on the way home. Clover reminds me of my childhood in Yorkshire. There was always a profusion of it near the cricket field on the way to my infant school. I was generally found clutching a bunch of it in the cloakrooms when I started to school day. The teacher had a number of recepticles for these well meaning gifts.

And finally, I checked on our other ginger beast when I got home. Both the gingers have strayed no further than their biscuit bowls today, taking themselves back to bed and away from the noisy and warm wind, which they really object to!


  1. I'm so glad you managed to go for that walk - looks like it was well worth it! Feel better soon :)
    Did you know that almost all your posts make me want to have a cat? One day...

  2. A ha, I'll tell the coconut! Yes, they are very seductive are cats. Very loving and affectionate and independent all in one parcel.