Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Whether the Weather be cold

I am still adjusting to the difference in climate between Wellington and the part of the Horowhenua where we now live. It has been a spectacularly mild winter thus far (if you discount a few nights of minus temperatures). Sunny still days are the norm, and although I have had the fire burning for a few days, it is more to dry off the laundry and the luxury of feeling "snug" than sub zero temperatures.

This was the driveway a few days ago. It is now completely carpeted in cherry tree leaves, which look so beautiful, I don't want to sweep them up.

Our neighbour and friend, has recently given his rather long barbary hedge a trim, so now it is possible to see the blue roof of our house peaking over the top.

And on a walk on Sunday, I was finally able to catch a shot (on massive telephoto) of this local friend. He always seems to know when I'm about to photograph him, because it has taken me a year to get the shot!

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