Friday, 19 June 2015


My husband and I don't drink spirits as a rule - we have four bottles stashed behind the sound system in the office covered in dust: a bottle of gin purchased from Duty Free eight years ago (unopened), brandy (opened when we have colds), whiskey (my husband is allowed to drink this when I'm overseas as I cannot bear the smell) and Limoncello (used for a dessert I make at Christmas).

So, when I found our ginger huntress sitting amongst bottles this morning in the office and none of the bottles were upright, I knew something, yay verily, had come to pass. She is STILL sat amongst the overturned bottles staring at the floor under the cabinet. This is the part of the house where mice are brought during the night and played with. Each morning we have to check the patterned rug for skeletons or body parts of rodents.

Tonight could be interesting. Thankfully my husband's hearing is too poor to hear any clinking of bottles from the room three doors down, so he will sleep soundly through any hunting, I will lie awake, wondering if the cat is getting drunk and the mice will probably have a party.

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