Sunday, 31 May 2015

Autumn and a cooking project

Autumn has come with a gentle glory to Coneysthorpe and we have various colour splashes around the lawns where the trees have thrown off their mantel.

Ms Ginger has just come home from a walk with my husband in the garden. She is still looking for Otto, and really does need a young pal to play with. Strolling amongst the leaves is thirsty work for a princess.

Meanwhile, I am learning to cook on the woodburning stove. Thankfully, this isn't a necessity, just a practice run. I had a pot of soup on the top for nearly 5 hours on Friday, and it was proclaimed a delicious soup. I am "at it" again today with yellow split peas and various vegetables and stock. It is pleasant to know that supper is quietly cooking in the background of all other chores!

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