Monday, 23 June 2014

First class post and ratatouille

One of the many blessings of living on a rural road is that the local post lady still COLLECTS mail from our post box. You have probably seen the kind of post box for this arrangement. It has an arm which can be raised to show that there is mail to be collected even if there is no mail to deliver.

This evening I walked down our driveway with a very shonky torch to put out two pieces of mail for early collection. The Milky Way was better illumination than the Never Ready slumbering torch. When I returned, I perched for a while to read in the kitchen where the fire was roaring. Our very dozy Tom cat sat with me for a few minutes then suddenly went into "I hear something with whiskers which may be worth pursuing" mode. He trotted to the kitchen and pointed like a gun dog at the dishwasher. Hubby pulled the front skirt off it, but nothing. I then opened the cupboard under the sink to find a chewed box of candles.

So, Ratatouille Lives! Or at least he will perhaps for one night more. The sink cupboard has been stripped out and the doors left wide open for easy entrance by the cats, hopefully for a midnight snack. Ruppin had better finish what he started!

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