Monday, 2 June 2014

Family stuff

Our return to NZ was of the very heavy suitcase kind. Thanks to a generous allowance with Emirates, we managed to transport three heavy folders worth of Dad's family history research. I also brought back personal items which I intend to frame and hang in our long hallway.

The biggest challenge I have however, is how to use the many items from WWII. I have booklets and notes from my Grandpa's stint in ARP, stories from my mum's service in the ROC, letters from my great Uncle who served in Italy and N. Africa and other random things. None of these have any monetary value, but I want to weave them into something new so their historical value is preserved. My family were amongst the millions of ordinary heroes of that conflict and I want to honour them.

I have a story whizzing around in my head...I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile here is my 88 year old mum who plotted planes with the Observer Corps from a den underneath the Knavesmire in York

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