Sunday, 29 June 2014

Embarrassing admission

I realised to my horror today that it was actually 6 months (plus a few days) since hubby and I had been for a walk together down our long road. How do I remember? Well, it was Christmas Day and I was sobbing my heart out because one of our cats had gone missing.

Now, it is rather shameful that we have taken so long to take advantage of our wonderful environment, but part of the problem is that our garden is so huge and we are so inept and slow at everything we do, we don't NEED exercise beyond our own two acre boundaries! Anyhow, we took off for a stroll. We greeted one of the kingfishers who regularly hangs out on the telephone wires and watched the welcome swallows swoop. Two harriers also caught the thermals above us. Unfortunately the temperature soon changed, so we didn't get much further than the bridge over the Kuku. I'd gone prepared with bread for the various ducks. We caused a waddlepede when they figured out there was a Sunday breakfast to be had.

One of the local farmers has parked his young heifers in the field close to our house, and one is able to do the party trick of getting her tongue inside her nostrils! The black girls were just very curious and came to the hedge to say hello. One was obviously a bit partial to cow pats, as she had applied one to her face!

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