Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The ears have it

We frequently joke that when there is quarry to be had (pheasant, rabbits, hare, chickens, hedgehogs, garden birds), there is not a moggy to be seen; thank goodness! But I really wonder sometimes if our cats are REALLY cats, or just overfed townies with a penchant for warm beds and comfy laundry baskets. The princess is currently guarding the apple mint on the back verandah.

The boys are snoozing, a corner each, on our bed.

Meanwhile, I'm watching wild rabbits play on the driveway, long ears poking above the grass and hedgerows, greenfinch hop on the lawn, and three fledgling blackbirds on the verandah hollering at me to throw out more food.

It would appear, that bar rats and mice, New Zealand's wildlife is safe on our two acres. The ears have it!

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