Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Trying hard to Spring

One minute the paddock is a bog, the next minute it is glorious blustery sunshine and in the distance lambs cry their first breath.

The tuis continue their "dust ups" in the ornamental cherries. Last year there was a minivan full of them, this year, two coach loads arrived. They are demolishing four trees as I type this. I have just been screwing my neck into very awkward positions trying to photograph their antics. The photo here was taken a split second before the bird dive bombed me as I was on the flight path to an intruding bird. My hair style was almost changed from left parting to right parting!

The cats are slowly emerging from duvet hibernation, but in the case of our ginger boy, there is no evidence of winter starvation around his corpulent tum. For good reason is he known as "Mega Chops"

And happily it looks like we should have a good crop of plums from the tree at the front gate. Last year it blossomed a bit half heartedly.

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