Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Screaming sawdust or what goes around comes around.

I was a great fan of The Waltons TV show as a kid growing up. I loved all the homely tales and was fascinated by "Pa's" wood business in the hills. Today, I got to see a wood splitter up close and personal, in our field.

Our neighbour decided reluctantly to take down three massive macrocarpas along his driveway which also borders our paddock. He had to take part of the paddock fence down, and when the trees were felled I think we were all a bit overawed by the size of the trunks. The rationale was that it was better they were taken down under controlled conditions than fell down in a storm, as happened to another neighbour a few years back.

The wood splitter is a huge noisy beast, but is making transportation of the lumber much easier by slicing it into long planks on site. The bonus for us is we get a pile of wood out of it, the offcuts for our fire for next winter.

Coincidentally another local friend was chatting with us today about building some storage boxes out of wood offcuts, so we offered him some which have been sitting in our garage for 5 years since our house was renovated. So we receive wood, and we give away wood. There should be a verb to cover this series of actions. I suppose "Paying it For Wood" covers it!


  1. Hahaha! 'Paying it For Wood' is perfect! That is a huge wood splitter! We used to have a much smaller one. The kids got used to saying, "Dad -- look at that dog!" (pointing in the opposite direction of a huge downed tree, despite there being no dog to look at!) If he saw a downed tree when we were out and about, he would make a note of it and then go back with the kids over the weekend to split it and bring it home for firewood. I'm pretty sure the kids don't miss those days!!

  2. Wow, cool!
    And paying it for wood is tremendously awesome :)