Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hot Desking

My desk is a table that I manage to keep reasonably tidy. But there are always several projects happening on it at any one time; genealogy research, processing a Trademe order, writing a letter or paying bills.

It is also the place where our shy tabby likes to have a bit of fellowship. His habit is to sit right in front of my iMac screen. This means I have to ride the computer side-saddle to see what I am writing. As the warmth soaks into his fur, he leans closer and closer to it, and then his head droops into my pencil mug, until he looks like he is about to start writing a letter. He will shake his head and pretend he was only resting his whiskers, then the black silhouette droops for a second time and is accompanied by a gentle snore. When he is a bit more awake, he follows the courser with his nose and taps the screen with his paw - he is a south paw, like me.

Her ladyship likes to snooze in my husband's in tray, after she has dried herself under his study lamp - which today has been a bit of a constant activity

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