Sunday, 30 July 2017

Returning the egg boxes

One of our lovely neighbours occasionally leaves us some eggs from her chickens (the white ladies who like to flutter around in our paddock). She pops them in our letter box and emails me to let me know they are there. Today I returned the egg boxes with some afternoon tea in them. Her chickens lay the most delicious eggs, so I reckon I get the best part of the deal!

One of our resident solar panels has been soaking up the last few moments of a winter sun day. She is now middle aged and I think feels the cold a bit more. Tonight we are expecting -3 degrees, so we will be lucky if there is room in the bed for us after the cats make themselves comfy.


  1. He is adorable! What are the little bites you placed in the egg boxes? They look fabulous!

  2. What a clever idea to package little bite sized treats like that... I just might try it myself! And I agree with Rease, they look delish :)

  3. Teresa, this is Cumin (a lady cat), she becomes quite a pudding during the winter months! The egg box "balls" are made from dates, rolled oats, peanut butter and I also put in a splash of almond liqueur! You throw all the ingredients in a blender and then roll into balls. Chill in the fridge and then store in an airtight container.