Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fourth Autumn

We are experiencing our fourth autumn at the house. This has been a strange year. The summer never arrived, and now we are full throttle into misty mornings, daylight saving and doing a stocktake of winter clothes.

It's also a time of year when my baking gene reboots. I never have any inclination to bake during the summer months. It is too darn hot. Our kitchen becomes a sauna without adding a further 180 degrees to the equation.

Yesterday I read a recipe in a magazine at our local cafe. Today I remembered to take my notebook and pen to jot it down. Here is my version of Hallongrottor (which I believe is a Swedish traditional biscuit). It translates as "Raspberry cave", but as I used plum jam, I guess I will need to rename mine as Plommongrottor!

The recipe I made called for slivers of almonds, but as I didn't have slivers, I toasted some whole almonds then made them into ground almonds and sprinkled them. So here is the new improved (!) Smeltzplommongrottor

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