Monday, 24 April 2017

Countdown mode

In four days I will be on a plane to the UK. After a horrible summer, the weather has now decided to be kind, and I find myself already wistful for these gloriously warm and dry days. So this morning I took myself off on a stroll down the road, to enjoy the scenery and creatures along the way. The story with the coos is that I saw one rather quizzical steer who stood and watched me for a long time. I approached the fence and had a bit of a chat. The next thing I knew, all of his mates, who until this point had been huddled under a distant tree, ran to join him. They were like giddy young puppies. I didn't think it was possible for cows to run and dance and kick. So, a dozen of them stood and we had a very one sided conversation.

The road continues to surprise me with the variety of wild flowers and birds. We have several resident kingfishers, pukeko and pheasants as well as ducks and geese.


  1. Gorgeous! You're going to miss that fresh air and those amazing views, methinks...

  2. too true. Back to the industrial landscape where I was raised.