Monday, 31 October 2016

Friends and verandahs

We have an amazing verandah which hugs two sides of the house. Even though it is covered, sometimes it is too hot to sit on it. This weekend it was perfect, even if it was just for a "Friends" shot.

So, we had 10 friends for a pot luck lunch. Pot luck was good to us, and we had a delicious mix of savoury and sweet, and recipes were exchanged.

The first photo was photo bombed by our huge ginger cat, who is every inch an extrovert. As someone wittily put it, he did a cat walk followed by a cat scan!

Having taken this photo, I realised a few folk were missing, so had to take another, only to discover that one lady was missing. We did eventually find her, but not in time for the photo.

And finally, our decorations are finished, and got the ginger seal of approval. The "boy" sniffed the wallpaper in our office and promptly fell asleep, much to my relief. I have had one cat who was a wallpaper shredder of some fame. Mango appears to be underwhelmed by it.

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