Saturday, 1 October 2016

On bereavement

I recently commemorated the third anniversary of my Dad's death. It was hard. Today, I heard that a good family friend, who was very good to my dad and mum passed away aged 90.

I feel like another anchor has gone. As I age and my parents generation dies, it as if the anchors that held me safe through the storms and buffeting of life have been raised and part of my soul and memory is cast adrift on an ocean, and I don't know where it will lead me. This is not a lifeskill you are taught, just one that has to be navigated as best as you can.

So many friends have gone in the last two years, and not all of them have been elderly. For so many I have uttered the phrase "gone too soon".

I am sorry I will be on the wrong side of the planet to say goodbye to her, so I can only hope when yet another anchor is raised, something of the friendship will drift with my soul to a better place.


  1. There definitely isn't any one proper way to mourn, everyone just muddles their way through as best as they can. At least know that you're not alone in not knowing what to do! Here's wishing you easier times.

  2. I'm so very sorry for your losses, Jane. I still wonder at the phrase, "time heals things". It seems more of a bandage than a healer, as the ache of losing my father has nor ever will go away. I'm saddened with you over your loss. Hugs to you and *see* you soon!

  3. Jane that's so true I feel like an orphan.... X