Tuesday, 29 March 2016


One of our neighbours keeps bees, and our house is located directly on the flight path. This means I am regularly opening sash windows so one or two or six can fly in and exit with ease, en route to one of our flowering trees or bushes. As I like to talk to bees, you can regularly hear conversations such as "Oh it's you again - didn't you fly in this morning?" or "My goodness you have been busy today, off you go home now". They like as not hover, raise an eyebrow, doff their antenna then buzz off to their hives.

Here are few hanging out on our trees which smell like eglantine when they flower

And speaking of homes, in an attempt to curry favour with our local starling population (after finally winning the battle for the postbox), I have bought a nesting box which I plan to install in our garden. Made by a local man from driftwood, I am hoping this will deter them from pooping all over our mail for two months, then squatting in the mail box for another month.

The welcome sign was made by another local who re-purposes all manner of wooden furniture. We also have an old school desk she painted.

And finally, dessert.

It is quince season. Last year I was gifted quince and made jam. This year I have made a quince custard tart (at least I think I have, it was an experiment!) Thank you Penny for the quince, and the wonderful chard and spinach, which will also be consumed with great gusto at tea time. The chickens next door will get the cooked stalks.