Monday, 7 March 2016

Subtle changes and the anticipation thereof

Most people I know LONG for spring after lengthy and difficult winters. I long for autumn.

The fondness for the season started before I was old enough to start school. The strong smells of decaying leaves, watching my dad prune back the many rose bushes, him ambling around in the mist of an early morning veggie patch and orchard at my grandparents. Later there were the damp walks to school and by the river to church. Powerful evocations of a tinkling sweet childhood.

Today, there is a subtle change in the air. This afternoon we got the first misty rain and quite a strong breeze coming from the mountains. The cats played with the blessed relief of being released from their exhausted stupor - no cat should have to do ANYTHING in recent temperatures, least of all frolic.

So this evening as I pulled up the remnants of the runner beans, three cats charged around in the damp grass, and the "kitten" shot up a variety of trees and finally the washing line post.

Most of the day was making a night gown - a project I could not have faced with hot hands. Nor could I have used our marvellous kitchen table, as the kitchen behaves like a green house, and even with the curtains closed is fit for neither man nor beast.

So tomorrow I expect to dig out the knitting needles and start knitting hats for seafarers. The Christmas tree project will be thrown into 5th gear and I need to make a trip to buy the first load of wood for the stove.

If you see me hibernating any time soon, be sure to scratch my ears and pass me a bucket of hazelnuts for the journey.

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