Monday, 22 February 2016

Thoughts on missing

There aren't many things I miss about living in the N. Hemisphere, but the occasional random thing does give me pangs of nostalgia. One of these is sunflowers. I miss seeing the French or Romanian fields of sunflowers. I keep meaning to plant them myself, but being the useless gardener that I am, I remember half way through the summer.......

This morning on my morning wobbly bike ride, I rode past our neighbours shed and this lovely sight greeted me.

More of a sunshine scattering, but appreciated nonetheless.

Later this morning we popped out for coffee and spotted these cabbage white butterflies on a kitchen garden. The context immediately reminded me of my Dad's allotment and grandpa's vegetable patch. The butterflies were always evidence that on one row or more there would be chomp marks on the leaves from the voracious caterpillars. I guess you can't have the fluttery beauty without sacrificing a cabbage or two.

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