Sunday, 14 February 2016

A little craftiness

I enjoy hand sewing, but don't like using a sewing machine. Therefore, if any crafting is done in this house, it is done with a simple needle and thread.

My challenge to myself this year is to make lots of Christmas tree decorations to sell in aid of a project I am linked with in Tanzania. Here are a few Christmas trees I have made to start with (they are around 10cm high). I haven't put the hanging loops on them yet (that is a fiddly thing to do at one sitting)

If you are interested in purchasing one, let me know in the comments section and we can arrange something.

On a totally different topic, it has been blisteringly hot at Coneysthorpe in the month of February. It has even been too hot to "verandah" as the temperature has regularly tipped 30c plus. The cats have flaked out anywhere in the shade, only venturing out at dusk. Unusually, our nervous and wild tabby hung around with the kitten (all 6.2kgs of him - another story there entirely). Here they are watching the birds on the lawn.

10 minutes later, it had all been too much for the kitten. The chair is known as the King of Tonga, due to its size, and here is our baby in deep camouflage snoozing - all 6.2kgs of him!


  1. Your trees are beautiful, and all the moreso now that we know they're stitched by hand. That's amazing! I wish I knew how to sew - I'm good at buttons, but that's as far as I know how to go :)

    Also - as a side note - my *dog* weighs 3 kilograms :-O

    1. Oh dear. Coco is a dainty creature. Our ginger is very muscular and goes rabbit wrangling.......