Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fur habits

We have noticed a subtle change in the personality of our youngest cat. This is the cat who for the last 3 years has spent all day, every day, come rain, shine, tempest, hail OUTSIDE during the day. He would raid the bowls for food (as if he didn't live here and was theiving) and would only succumb to warmth and comfort in the evening when he would pop in for strokes and a place on the bed.

This autumn, I commented to my husband that I really hoped he learned to live inside during the cold days, instead of under the house or inside a flax bush.

I am pleased to report he has discovered thermal curtains. I was reading a few days ago on the sofa in our kitchen and heard a rustle and chirrup behind me. I checked behind the sofa, which is where he hid for 2 weeks when we moved here. I could detect a strip of tabby tail poking out from a well wound up cat inside the thermal curtain. Later in the afternoon, out he strolled, parked himself on the hearth rug and fell asleep. Now in the evenings he eats, goes out for a short while and then rolls around, relaxed and stretching on the new living room rug. Perhaps we should rename him Rugpin.