Saturday, 11 April 2015

Back from the silence

I have had a period of bad health. Nothing serious, just debilitating. And trying to keep up with a job and fundraising has taken its toll. Hence no blog for a while.

This morning I watched a stunning sunrise over the gum trees in our neighbour's field. I had a sense today was to be a good day. So, I got up, put on gardening clothes and went to scramble around in the autumn leaves. One of our neighbours recently sawed down a tree for us, so there were plenty of branches to push into the paddock for the Highlanders. They love chewing the leaves. No mulcher required in this garden!

Kitty news. Ms Ginger had a panic this morning trying to chase a fantail that had flown through the French windows and was happily squeaking its way around the living room. Thankfully it found its own way out. And Tabby Boy. Well he just watched through the French doors in the kitchen. Not very bright that lad!

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