Sunday, 25 January 2015

Oh give me a home where the ___roam

Well, New Experience no 4 in 2015 has to be what happened this morning when we came back from the local town. We swung into our driveway and my husband pointed to a very large black bull in the driveway next door, looking somewhat longingly at the paddock beyond! At first we thought it was our next door neighbour's bull, but evidently not. A few phone calls up and down the road to various farmers, and one took pity on us and came to round him up.

It turned out to be owned by someone way up the road. The beast had busted out this morning and gone AWOL. When I had heard amorous bull noises and strange calling sounds in the early hours, I just thought the Highland cows were being wooed. Not a bit of it. It was Mr Lonesome Lost trying to figure out where he was.

I think we might be locking our large gate from now on, just in case he gets wanderlust again.

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