Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Number 3 of my "things to try for the first time" and a warning

I have loved and eaten many a custard tart in my time. It comes with being a Yorkshire lass - they qualify as cuisine where I come from. But I can't remember ever making one; today I tried. I didn't make the pastry - mostly because it is too darn hot and I wanted to do other things as well as cook on my day off. So here is attempt number one. It smells fantastic and I suspect it will be consumed at one sitting (it is a small pie dish, I should point out!)

The warning is not to do with pies - custard or otherwise. It is to do with reading the Latin names of plants. My dearly beloved bought me a gardening voucher for my Christmas present and off we went today to spend it. I am planning to have a "picking patch" where our veggie patch used to be. It will be random. There will be lavender and other colourful / fragrant flowers - sunflowers etc. Then there will be bean teepees, because I want to grow sweet pea flowers as well as the beans.

I saw a delightful plant positively singing with bumble bees and looking very pretty and purple. "That will go with the lavender" thought I. I had hardly got it out of the car before our large elderly cat was all over the thing. "Raht sqwiffy" as they say in Yorkshire. I turned the tab over, and the lovely bee magnet was cat mint.......oh dear. I expect my dad is watching me and having a good laugh about that!

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