Friday, 31 October 2014

Thistle Day

or should I say Thistle Destruction Day. I am putting 1st November in the diary as Paddock Thistle Day. This afternoon I dug out 36 huge thistles, some with roots up to 5 inches long. It won't work to get rid of them of course, and there are maybe another 100 to go, but at least they can't be blowing their seeds to my neighbours place if they aren't above ground.

Our neighbour sprayed our paddock last year. But I am so loath to use poisons, I would rather go on the attack and up root them and do some good old stretching at the same time.

Of course, this good intention may change........

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  1. I am sure your paddock is much bigger than the area Ihad to deal with. But when we first moved to WV we had a major thistle problem around the bus. I hacked them off and sprayed white vinegar down the severed root. They never came back!