Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wood stoves, and dreams of autumn

In the basement of our current home I have been collecting kindling.......for 8 years! We don't have a wood burner here, but I have been dreaming of one. So I couldn't bear to throw away good branches when clearing the garden. The result is we have taken a number of boxes of well dried kindling to our new house. Not that there is any shortage of any wood at Coneysthorpe; there are MANY trees to trim.

But the boxes of twigs are like the fulfilment of a promise, that one day I would own a wood burning stove. I was very attached to the small stove in my Austrian apartment and also the funny old iron stove in Grandpa Hoad's house by the lake. So the smell of wood burning on a long walk through country lanes has my brain spinning like an autumn kaleidoscope.

The previous owners at the house have very considerately left us a good stack of wood to start our winter. I suspect it will be a place of entertainment for our mice loving cats too.

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