Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Unlikely guardians

My husband was born in the centre of one of the largest and most cosmopolitan capitals in Europe. He claims he didn't see the sky until his late 20s when he moved to a less congested part of the city!
I have lived and worked in Africa, E. Europe, India and the Middle East.

He and I don't use screwdrivers, if we can help it, and need counselling after trying to decorate, especially if we do it together. We employ people to do our DIY. DIY - Destroy, Implode, Yell a lot!

But we still bought a 100 year old house, with all its quirks and requirements for TLC. It was a moment of inspired insanity.

The day we took ownership, my husband stood at the end of the driveway and breathed a big sigh of contentment. "Look at all that sky!" was all he could say. He waved around his mobile phone at the garden gate and the reception was as advertised, ZERO.

I investigated the overgrown and untended veggie patch and wished I could consult dad. I managed to identify strawberry plants and some random herbs, but that was it. The lemon tree was easier to work out, due to it having lemons hanging from it.

This was going to be a steep learning curve. The highland cow in our back paddock (the cow belongs to our neighbour) had a knowing smile. Great entertainment for her.....a reality show featuring two bumbling late middle aged professionals with big hearts who went slightly soft in the head when they found Coneysthorpe.


  1. A little softness in the head is a good thing every so often. Are you in already then?

  2. Not yet, first weekend in December. Can't wait.

  3. Unless I write it down, and often even if I do, I will forget it. I'll link it with Pearl Harbour Day and then I'll remember!

  4. What a lovely place you've got. Be blessed!