Sunday, 9 August 2020

Battle for the mailbox, Chapter 7

The starling rascals have a new technique. I thought I'd got them by leaving the mailbox lid open to the elements, but the twigs started to appear about a week ago. I have been pulling them out every other day and wagging my finger at the birds on my telegraph wire "I know your game. Leave the mailbox alone" They dive bomb and poop on the mailbox, just to make a point. This morning, as I was leaving the property, I saw something on the floor. I got out of the car to find this morning's mail on the grass at the base of the mailbox. They had thrown it out, and there was a solitary twig, right in the middle of the box, a thumb to the beak if ever I saw one. This means war. I may post photos of the military engagement. I mean, it's not like we are short of trees. We have 50 or so on our property alone, and we are surrounded by forest. Starlings have forgotten how to be tree dwellers it would appear.

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