Monday, 11 November 2019

No mouse in the house

He is always trying to help. A regular clerk of works! Like most cats, he can't resist an open drawer or a linen cupboard full of squishy towels, blankets and sheets.

I've turfed him out more times than I can remember, and have actually raced down our long hall corridor to try and stop him getting inside when the door has drifted open. I have also accidentally locked him inside when he's buried himself out of sight behind tea towels.

"Have you seen Mango recently? He hasn't turned up for breakfast"

"Check the laundry basket first, then the linen cupboard"

Yesterday I was putting boxes away on the floor of the said cupboard and could smell the unmistakable scent of mouse. I was hoping it had run under the door and conveniently died amongst the boxes and cabin baggage cases. Apparently not. I started to pull out all the linen, and on shelf three found droppings and a stained apron, but no mouse. Minnie was long gone, there being a sizeable gap under the door to escape from.

"Blooming cat took home a friend"

So, the washing machine is now going full tilt - I suppose it gives me the chance to sort out what we don't use or need any more.

Meanwhile, he is still trying to help

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