Friday, 19 April 2019

Passover, and why the Egyptians wore short skirts

Today is the feast of Passover, which I celebrate with my husband. Tonight we are seating eleven guests around our table. It is pretty tiring, getting everything ready, so taking a moment to sit to catch my breath, I watched my little ginger huntress in the turning circle in front of our house, playing with a mouse. I decided to go out and photograph it, as it was so adorable. It seemed quite easy to approach, but I was being given the evil eye by our cat - she was saying "Don't you mess with my mouse!"

I took my eyes off it for an instant and it vanished. It didn't take me long to find out where. It had shinned up my trouser leg, on the inside and had made it as far as my upper thigh!

I yelled for my husband and captured the wee thing by holding the fabric on the outside. I couldn't stop laughing. Between us, we managed to get my trousers off, on the front doorstep and evict the cunning little thing.

There is a certain synchronicity to this event. I am trying to imagine how the Egyptians managed with a plague of rodents. Probably better than me, as mostly they wore short skirts and not trousers!


  1. There are times, many times, when being your next-door neighbor would amuse the hell out of me. Happy rodent-free Pesach to you and your dearly beloved from me and mine.

  2. Today raba friend. How I would love you to be my next door neighbour. Coach would get on well here too. There are two local baseball teams run by two New Yorkers and I believe he could 'cross codes' and try rugby :-)

  3. Wow, what an agile little guy! You're right, he is adorable :)
    Happy Pesach to all!!