Saturday, 22 September 2018

Solar dried

I know it's almost summer when I spend most of a Saturday running backwards and forwards to our washing line. There is usually at least one cat showing off by running up the washing posts. A wide girth is no deterrent to Mango in spite of his 8kgs fight with gravitational pull. He does like to help, which includes stealing pegs and jumping in the laundry basket on top of the newly dried clothes. This season has me humming "I'm going to hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line". I have no idea where I learned that song, but I can manage a few verses between laundry and line.

Mango always enjoys perfunctory roll around in the wood shed, which is less about marking his territory and more about scratching his neck on wood chips. He is currently having late night meetings with a beautiful stray cat who I believe he has fallen for. He is a complete failure protecting the homestead. We may as well roll out a welcome mat for all waifs and strays.

The plum tree is looking a lot bushier than last year, so, blackbirds and kereru permitting, we should have a bumper crop this year.

And the verandah awaits visitors, teapots and lazy weekends with library books. And love struck ginger toms and their sleek amber eyed companions!!!

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  1. Gorgeous, all! I'm not going to pretend not to be a bit jealous of your lifestyle :)
    And that last shot is super cool!!