Sunday, 16 September 2018

Dances with wolves

I love the fact that even in middle age, you can experience "firsts" in life.

Today was full of them.

A delightful Jersey calf decided she would befriend me and proceeded to lick my shoes. They have never had a warm wash like this before, and the cats will be puzzled by the new smell on the shoes in the hallway. Here is Honey. Honey by name and Honey by nature.

I was also laughed at by a pilgrim goose called Lydia. She is an amazing bird with a lovely wobbly goosey undercarriage, all the better to be comfortable laying eggs, two of which she donated to me. I believe goose eggs are perfect for cakes. What a lovely thought!

And finally there was a stroll to the edge of the farm with three fluffy companions, with a combined age of around 80. It was a gentle Sunday constitutional, less "Dances with Wolves", and more "Waddles with Donkeys".

A perfect afternoon with grateful thanks to the family who hosted us.

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