Monday, 4 September 2017

Surprise visitor from California

We continue to be delighted by the antics of our next door neighbours' chickens. They love our garden, and certainly the soil is enjoying their scratching ministrations. Each day they do a particular circuit, which includes the woodpile, the veggie garden and the garage (if the door is open!) In the last few days they have discovered our copse, and are happily hiding in its shade crowing, scratching and very possibly laying eggs. I was amused this morning to see the guilty looks when I started to take their pictures.

But the big event this morning was seeing a plump Californian quail running around our lawn. I can't make out if it is wild or an escaped pet. But that baby sure can run. It is an adorable creature with its bobbing "fascinator" feather on its head. They are somewhat out of focus, again due to the long lens setting required. Also I suspect quail constantly hear the words in their head "run Forrest, run!"


  1. The photo of your garden with hydrangeas in full bloom is stunning! Wish mine looked like that...

  2. Unfortunately they don't bloom as well these days. We have had problems with a moth. They still bloom, but not as nicely as before!