Friday, 15 September 2017

Cool running

There is never a dull moment along our road. After the rather bad flooding of a couple of weeks ago, I sent photos to our local council showing them that the "work" they did in 2015 to ease the surface water, cough cough, didn't work.

A week ago, the bulldozers arrived and started digging channels EVERYWHERE, including behind the embankment which had previously had been a Niagara falls type water feature.

Now it looks like the local council want to nominate us for the Horowhenua bobsleigh team. The channel would certainly take a sled and the incline is steep enough...although the finish line looks a bit brutal. The sad fact is, the drainage that will be laid runs down another incline into the same field that was transformed two weeks ago into a duck lake. I have a feeling that in a few more weeks I may be writing to the council again about their rather erratic engineering.

And as if this kind of reshaping wasn't enough, the logging season is upon us. Our outlook will soon be very different when the hill opposite is shorn of the radiata pine. 5 months of logging trucks along the road I believe. Sigh.

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