Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hats, cats, storms and fungi

I know winter is on the horizon when I get the urge to knit. I only knit one thing - hats for seafarers. Our local Mission to Seafarers in the capital likes to give away warm woollen hats to seamen who sail the southern oceans. The ladies of the N. Island like to knit for this purpose. I beg for good quality wool and make up what I have into hats (hints to anyone with doubleknit wool excess to requirements). Here are the first half dozen.

The cats have been out of sight for the storms we have endured for the last two days. In a lull between the paparazzi lightning (every 11 seconds - I counted) and house-rocking thunder (no exaggeration here - the house moved like in an earthquake), they came out to view the estate. Phantom Tabby was being Phantomy, and didn't show up until midnight when he snuck under the covers soaking wet!

This evening I was retrieving branches on the driveway that had succombed to the storm. This twig (thinner than my index finger) had the most exquisite fungi on it. Seems a shame to burn it.

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  1. Wow, those are all lovely! I love your cheerful hats, can't get enough of your kitty-on-a-pedestal, and am blown away by the fungi - how great that you got such a good photo of it!

    Just fantastic :)