Saturday, 12 December 2015

A sane kind of Saturday, kind of!

This morning we took off to a local village to their annual Christmas market. Sadly unlike last year, the rain was making the outdoor stalls a bit of a soggy disaster. We shopped quickly - I wanted to find home made soaps (can't abide mass produced stuff any more), and home made marmalade. We found both, and a new kitchen apron for me. Finally I can consign my regular "wipe sticky hands down the front of the apron" to the bin. It is 8 years old and deserves a memorial for its service!

After the soggy market, we pottered off to Ruth Pretty's Kitchen shop and conservatory, where we drank coffee and ate Christmas cake.

This was followed by a manic dash to a local town to order a new dishwasher, which will be delivered on my birthday, just before Christmas. We inherited the current dishwasher when we moved here. It is has served us well, but is around 10 years old and finally falling apart.

We then headed home where I unscrambled the Christmas tree after Junior Jinger had removed ornaments and generally caused mayhem overnight. He was banished to the verandah whilst I reconstructed parts of it and put up Christmas lights!

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