Sunday, 13 April 2014


Some fundraisers simply hit a spot, which stimulates the nerve, which opens the wallet.

Fabricabrac - "Fabric by the people for the people" - is one such. The amazing fundraiser for Mary Potter Hospice took place yesterday. Last year I went as a customer, this year I was determined to be there as a seller. It was the most fun I have had in a while, mostly because I was sharing a table with a delightful lady who was friendly and funny. We got on so well, we already have a coffee date organised for June.

I sold donated buttons to crafters, school children, sculptors (!) and various other haberdashery junkies. I raise funds for a variety of causes in the Middle East, and this is one way I do it. And the buttons went down a treat. In fact I even had a middle aged chap persuade me to sell him one of the button tins, minus the buttons! Brave man - he was the only one manning a stall.

At a guess I would say a couple of hundred came, saw, shopped and collapsed in a heap of heady fabric glee. I took $20 to spend and came home with a delightful array of fabrics. I can't decide if the animal one or the turquoise and yellow one next to it from Provence is my favourite.

Happy Sigh!

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