Thursday, 2 January 2014

Second proverb of Coneysthorpe

I've been back in the strawberry patch, and it is now looking much more respectable. I even managed to harvest 3/4 cup of black currants from the wandering bushes. So, still no strawberries....but enough black currants to make a bowl of jam, in the microwave yay verily!
And talking of finding random things unexpectedly.... I went to extract a load of washing from the washer in our posh new laundry, and what do I hear first, see second? A large mouse balancing precariously on top of the clothes airer. I remembered Ruppin scuttling towards the back of the house, but I didn't see that he had company with him! I popped a very cooperative mouse inside an empty toothbrush holder, put a face cloth over the top and deposited her on the verandah steps. She gave me quite a look. I'm half expecting to find abandoned mouse laundry waiting to be folded the next time I go in there. So, another proverb "be neat, be clean and check for mice in the washing machine".

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